Attn 1320







Cheeks gave me road head on the way to taco bell saturday.

you said you weren’t going to tell anyone, and besides he bought me a chalupa afterwards

sounds like cheeks had some guakamolie sauce and some cow anus,

my balls hurt

sorry,i didnt mean to squeeze my ass cheeks on them!

cheeks has a huge mouth! , iguess he put the twig and berres in at the same time.

one at a time, one at a time

holy fucking shit. this is e-fighting, not e-faggot-fucking

jealous fruitcake, I’m sure theres some bars down in OC that can satisfy your cock cravings, or just go fall in another pool

I bet he dove in to “cool” himself off after viewing his “partner” bending alot while cleaning the pool. :boink:

I bet $5 your mother is a whore.

win or lose, that $5 will be going towards buying you dinner.

so your asking him out on a date???


aww do you want to take me to Mcdonalds?

no. It means that if I’m right, I’ll make $5 and then use it to pay his mother to let me violate every conceivable orifice she has.

and the money gets to me,… how?
besides it will only go right back to you, your mom is still 5 fucks for 5 bucks right?


you need a day off darkstar, it sucks coming in and checking last nights posts, then only getting to respond once.
Go back on unenjoyment so you can spend the day on pittspeed, or start working nights :bigthumb: