AWD Dynos in Rochester?

Trying to get a little gathering planned and would like to include a dyno day. I looked around and found that DynaMX in Webster has an AWD dyno but I can’t seem to get ahold of them. Anyone have any contact info for them or know of any other place that has an AWD dyno?


If you can’t get a hold of them i take my car to kennedys dynotune they also have a awd dyno.

3165 Niagara Falls Blvd
North Tonawanda, No 14120

he did say Rochester…

i know but if he couldnt get a hold of them there are other places…

Fountain Motorsports
1744 Route 104
Ontario, NY 14519

^^you seriously just recommended them???

I take it they suck?

The gathering i’m planning is about 45 minutes to an hour south of rochester…about 2 hours from buffalo. Either way it’s gonna be a haul but buffalo is a little too much of one.


No, he asked for a place and I gave him one.

I know we had this discussion on the “other” board…

Name: DynamX
Location/distance from buf/rochester: 750 Basket Rd., Webster, NY (less than 30 minutes from rochester)
Contact info: (585)671-7047
Type of dyno and whether its 2WD or 4WD: Mustang 4WD
Cost with tuning (AWD): ?
Cost without tuning (AWD): ?
Engine management they can tune: unknown
Website: unkown

They are highly recommended by some of the RochesterDSM boys.

Looks like the one in Ontario, NY is the hub type dyno…dont’ really want to mess with that.

That’s the same number I have for DynamX and they never answer…all I get is a frontier voice messaging service that wants some 10 digit number(which I don’t know). Oh well…guess I’ll keep trying or just give up on the idea.


See, now if a certain shop owner would just get an AWD dyno…