Batman Begins 6/23/05, 9ish...

Who is up for going to see Batman Begins? I know probably most of you have seen it already but JDMR2 and I are going to see it if anyone wants to tag along…

very cool movie … but youll notice a number of differences between the family history in the “old” movies series compared to this series

batman begins is obviously the first in the series of NEW batman films, and i would say its a damn good start

and oh yea, the new batmobile … the tumbler… they built 4 full scale vesions powered by a 600hp SBC and they were used to do (i think) all but one of the scenes its used in … and at least one of the 4 tumblers they built was fully radio controled :slight_smile: i want one !

gotta watch it! very good movie indeed!

however…yea…the family history is a bit different…

still, though, it’s definitely the best and the most worth watching batman movie!

im assuming transit regal?

You assume correct!! 9:30 or 10, it doesn’t matter to me…

deff. a good movie…everyone go see this…NOW

yea def good, not any “The Gift” like moments of katie holmes tho :tdown:

still worth seeing :wink:

which time so i know when to show up

10pm Regal Transit… 803 3986. Gimme a hollar when you get there… I’ll be in the parking lot until I hear from ya…

if i didn’t see it yesterday i’d be down…u won’t be disappointed tho :tup:

word, i already saw it, but it was definitely a kick ass movie.