Batman Begins

So Jeeves and I went to go see Batman Begins. What a great movie. It was very akin to the cartoon that debuted about 13 years ago. The antagonist in this film was the same as in the cartoon when they had a 3 part mini-series with a similar plot. Regardless this movie is what they should have made. It explains everything and I do like the fact that they show you how everything comes to pass as far as his toys and his batmobile go. 3/4 stars from me!

ya i thought it was really good also. I was suprised by some of the characters they had in the movie. Definitely the best batman movie yet.

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and i really like the flick. I’m not into batman, i haven’t seen all of the other movies, never really read the comics or anything, just know the basic characters, but it was still really cool to see. Especially how he came to be batman, instead of just having a dude who seemed like a “mutant” in a way.

ugh… i loved batman begins can’t wait for the new one

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