BBS Files Bankruptcy

Interesting and sad at the same time. High metal prices with a diminished profit margain has forced BBS to file for bankruptcy.

near translation for those who don’t know German:

buy your BBS stuff now.

too bad, they make some nice wheels.

def sucks… Read about this on another forum.

it’s too bad

now all the bbs wheels will drop significantly in price… Priced to move… maybe my next set of wheels

They are restructuring. Hopefully for the better.

Also BBS America and BBS Japan are seperate companies and have been making a profit.

And no, BBS wheels will go up in price if anything.

omfg no!!! BBS are def. the hottest wheels in the market.

<<<--------------this guy wishes he was rich so he could buy 1 of every model

Mmmm RSGT’s… Only like 900/rim. haha

Speed Star/ SSR did the same thing a few years back. Wheel prices won’t change much if at all. The onlything is some of the older gen wheels will not be reporduced and may become a bit harder to find.

There are enough vendors with BBS wheels stocked, so no need to panic.

Bump for bankruptcy again:

Can I get wheels for cheap?