Bedroom Set

My mother in law recently changed living arrangements and lives in an assisted living apartment closer to our house. We are finalizing the download of her old apartment in Buffalo. This is one thing she couldn’t take with her. Smaller apartment setup didn’t allow for it. (4) piece bedroom set. (1) dresser, (1) bed, and (2) nightstands (I took a pic of one, there are two). Everything is in good condition and she was the original owner. Bed is a twin I believe and comes with mattress and box spring. Also, if you take the bedroom set, there’s a small couch (light floral print style in good condition) and a little drawered cabinet / end table that you can have for free. Again, she didn’t have the room in her new apartment. Make me an offer. Would like to get it out this week.

I saw this yesterday while picking up their washer and dryer, very nice set…and great seller/guy…

Bump. I seem to have this thing about selling beds.

Stained mattress included LOL

Make offer

I may want everything but the bedframe, let me ask my “wife”

Let me know by end of day. I want to have closure on this by the weekend. Thanks.

Do you have the ability to deliver this?

Unfortunately no. I no longer have access to the equipment I used to. It is in the Colvin / Kenmore Ave area and will no longer be available after this weekend.

Damn. That is right where I live. Haha.

Wheel it down the sidewalk !! I might be able to fit it into the new truck (MAYBE) if it’s close.

This expires at 3:00 today. After that it’s getting a gallon of 89 and a match.