Best beater ever. Modified NX2000 PULSAR!

didnt we ban you from selling cars here

i couldve sworn that happened

might have expired with the merge… i think it had to do with flodding the classifieds with part outs and profiteering by scooping cars and flipping them immiedately for more. If that isn’t happening anymore perhaps we can let it slide?

He doesn’t deal with s-chassis’s anymore… its the same game as always on other forums.


This car still up for grabs?

Is this car still for sale… ? Interested… Pm me !

does your s2k ap1 or ap2.

does it holds the drift good? or does it grip soo good makes it almost imposible to drift… from what i heard s2k wont drift till you get to your holly shit bar moment and it end up doing 180 instead…

how does that s2k?? i really like to know cause i am jonesing for that car.

Still avalible

fuck guy i just bought my beater. I would have picked this up