best college football game ever?

after a long night ( but sweet :tup: )

i forgot about how good the USC / ND game was… untill I saw it on sportscenter

man it was fucking outrageous, i have to admit, i was pulling for the underdog, even though i normally HATE notredame, and love USC ( used to live in san diego )

did anyone else watch this sensational game?!

ya man that was a CRAZY game…

i heard that the penn state game was the same way…

college football has been > then nfl lately

yea the michigan/penn st was a good game too :tup:

:tup: USC

word, 2 awesome games going on at the same time!

:word: Michigan needs to be ranked.

That game was rediculous, i can’t beleive how lucky USC was…

It was just nuts.