I was on my way to wallmart to do some shopping so I was in a little hurry. Some foo in a plymouth breeze rolling with his hst twisted 65* decides he’s cool cause mom gave him a car gives me a look and pushes his accelerator a little. Were stuck behind 2 cars on a 2 lane road and he’s getting impatient trying to get teh car in front of him to move so he can use all 145 HP. Finally there’s a gap and he shoots it. I quickly grab 3rd form ~55 and run him down quick then make the pass @ ~95. We them meet as a near red light and I open my window to ask if he thinks its fast. He ignores me and turns up his radio.

He though he was all king shizzle before he got molestated by the Jettaphile. Now he feels scared and violated after having his innocense ripped from him as if I was a mustache-sporting ice cream man driving around in a early 80’s Chevy conversion van. So parents, keep your children under watch and check their cookies and history, monitor their myspace account, and what ever you do, don’t let them borrow the keys. Because they may soon too be violated as this dood in his breeze was molestated. someone sick is on the loose and he need not register… At first you may think its a game, but to him this is no game.



worst post ever.

you killed a car that i could out run for the first 10 feet


VWs are infinatly more slow & ghey than a taurus.

When will the SHO be done?

Hope fully 2 or 3 weeks. But I think a month is more realistic.

hmm. I’m confused after reading that.