BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


Absolutely a masterpiece!!!


I think you need to take this a step further and bald according to Nick Cages hair pattern for more accurate rolling shots


been having a problem this year of the car running real lean, at idle it runs fine but while cruising the AFR was high 14s to high 15s sometimes even low 16s. Also having a lean miss while accelerating. On monday I went to take the car to work and it actually died out on me right after putting gas in it. I went to restart the car and the fuel pump would not prime. Eventually I did get the car started, changed the fuel filter, and pulled the pump assembly to find this.

So I replaced it with a bigger pump 255lph vs the old 190

Did not get a chance to drive the car yet but it seems to be a night and day difference. the car will start right up, idle perfectly even cold, and the pump is quieter.


looks like someone spit tobacco in your gastank. hope you got it fixed, i love seeing that car out and about. bet you felt like nick cage when it died, “dont start with me, noo start!, i need you elanor i need your now”


That explains a lot !


yup. Lets hope it fixes that issue. Its been almost 2 years since Ive had the car run good and been able to really drive it like it should be. I really wanna get it to the track again too. The last time I went the motor was bone stock. So with the upgrades it should be considerably quicker.


Glad to hear the cars running the way it should.

I don’t know why I never posted in this thread … but “Eleanor” has been my dream car since a child. You have a gorgeous car, I envy you.


Maybe needs a new gas tank?


^^ This, or at the very least I hope you dropped and flushed the crap out of it because there may still be stuff in there that can ruin the pump you just installed…


Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is in fact more like YOUR generation doing most of this right now.

Ain’t no 20-30 year old senators/congressman.


the tank was flushed. the inside looked good, the tank is only 3 years old so. Anyway the car still runs like a bag of assholes, so its gotta be in the tune. which is annoying because it will run good sometimes, then like crap.


good comment… not true since he’s not that old. also wrong thread. but whatever go smoke another one…


wtf? how the hell did that even happen


Lol no idea but its funny as hell


been working on the car quite a bit this past month. Ive been trying to work out some of my bugs. I’m still having an issue with the car running lean, and after 3 weeks of diagnosis and checking/replacing everything from sensors, to checking wiring, I’ve come to the conclusion that the car needs a better tune. So i’m looking into the moates quaterhorse system. Its my only option without spending thousands on a new management such as F.A.S.T. or Big Stuff EFI. However once I put the new motor in I am going to have to.

On to some other upgrades.

Gutted the interior and put HushMat on the floor.

Made a custom cover for the mirror hole in the door panel.

Decided after having the car on the road for 3 years it was time to install an audio system, I wanted to keep the factory radio intact, Instead I decided on a stand alone Ipod system, which is fine because the car has no antenna and I would barely ever listen to the radio. I installed an upgraded speaker in the factory dash, and installed an alpine amp under the passenger seat, so the entire setup is completely hidden minus a small usb cord coming out from under the seat where I can plug in my Iphone/Ipod. It works pretty well, For right now I just have the two underdash speakers but I will most likely install some 4x8 speakers in the doors in the factory spot. Again it will look 100% factory.

I found a set of sequential relays for the taillights, I’m still unsure if I want to run them or not.

I addressed some eyesores under the hood as well.


I also painted some of the plugs on the harness that were tired/gray with some black, TFI, coil, ext ext.

Overall it cleaned up the motor nicely, Nothing to catch your eye in a bad way.


Looking good as always.

Nice concealment on the audio setup.


This weekend represented the 4th year of the car’s first show/public appearance, the Adirondack nationals. Being that I was putting the car in the actual show I decided I needed to address another thing on my to-do list. I needed something to cover up the gap from the grille to the radiator support. It kinda took away from the motor.

some old pictures to show what I mean.

so I decided to make a cover out of some 18ga sheet metal. Playing around with some tape to figure out what contour would look good and still clear everything.

Eventually I may make a piece to go over the radiator so I decided to raise the cover compared to the actual rad support since lowering the radiator isnt an option.

then added a strip along the top to cover it, in addition to closing the gap between the radiator and the cover.To finish it off a beadrolled a design in the center that breaks it up and follows the angles of the front nose.

color matched it to the engine bay.

and installed.


Things that make you go hhhmmmm


bro simply amazing


I saw this in the valero at lake george