BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


well on Wednesday I said goodbye to the cobra, It was a Great car and I had a ton of fun with it. However I had a gentleman approach me and made me an offer for the car I couldn’t refuse. I decided it was time for some new or old in this case.I grew up around musclecars. Ive always loved classic fastback stangs. When the remake of Gone in 60 seconds came out in 2000 watching nicolas cage run from the cops in a modified 67 GT500, I was hooked. I loved everything about the car the look the colors, the sound, …everything. I said to myself one day I will own that car. So 10 years later here I am.

I’ve been watching the prices of 67/68 fastbacks for a few years now and they have doubled in price. With the possible sale of the cobra I began looking around for a good clean car. I looked at a couple but they were either complete heaps of shit or way over priced. I finally PMed a guy on another mustang forum who was from conn with a 67. I looked at it and bought it right then and there.

The previous owner bought the car in Tennessee.He completely stripped the car, sandblasted it, and put it on a rotisserie to do the rust repair. He replaced the floors quarters and some other misc metal that had been eaten away. He installed all new suspension disc brakes, fuel lines and just about everything else under the car. He swapped in a fuel injected 5.0 out of a low mileage 94 GT. He purchased a brand new world class t5 5 speed and a 9 inch rear end.

My goal for the car is to make it as movie correct as possible.There are a few clones out there but I have yet to see one that captures teh correct movie look. Including PIAA lighting, correct body kit, handmade PS engineering wheels,moto lita steering wheel. brushed aluminum interior some other stuff.

For those of you that haven’t seen the movie this is what the final result will look like.


some pictures of the car the day I looked at it.


Quite a project youve got there. Not going to be cheap or easy to make it an exact replica of the movie car.


Go baby go!

Seriously looking forward to this dave!

If theres one muscle car I would have to have it would be Eleanor!


nice! looks like most of the hard work is done which is +




Shoulda had gloves buy this and kept the termi


big red, i can honestly say, i like you now !!


very nice.


good luck man can’t wait to see this thing rolling around…hope it wont be a trailer/garage queen either…


dumpy old whip


I didnt expect everyone to like it but thats ok, I dont really care.


im curious as to what you are going to do motor wise for this




Looks like youll have your hands full with this one.Good pick up and cant wait to see the end result.


RB series for sho :lol


I don’t not like it by any means, that was a ‘shock’ wtf…not a ‘gross’ wtf.




Very nice


fuck em red ,most on here dont know what its like to redo a car with your dad and the feelin it gives ya when its done esp one you have wanted for a long time .props to ya and gloves now get it done