BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


new plate on


shit that road looks familiar…


Cameo stylz


I took a cruise with a few other local mustangs to enjoy the changing leaves, and found a couple roller shots.


Very nice


The red cobra in the front has a black hood correct?


Comp orange cobra, and no I don’t think so.


you werent with a bunch of other mustangs over in Ballston lake area this weekend went by a house and thought i saw your car and about 10 other mustangs


yup that was the BBQ after the cruise


Black GT on the right looks exactly like my old GT. Lowered on black deep dish 03 cobra wheels, super loud exhaust but without the ridiculous 4"+ tips.


thats a bullitt


whats the story with that plate? Just a show piece?


his NY tag is the same. he drives with the california one. no care is expressed.


No care is expressed = Not a single fuck is given.



  • rep to both you gents


2012 brought some treats for this machine as well.

Hydraulic clutch conversion

heads/cam swap

1.7 rockers

and custom headers/handmade midpipe.

and made new spark plug wires with 90deg ends to replace the multi angle ones that were touching the header.

MSD Distributor

Sound clip:

threw it on the dyno at cappola motorsports,

Car put down 290WHP and 300 ftlbs on a humid 90deg in the middle of July.

dyno pull, ( we were only going to 5,000 RPMs Im sure if we went higher the car would have made 300whp easily) The throttle response and the power curve were awesome.

installed a Wideband in the ashtray.

and hidden

As well as some authentic 67 Shelby under dash gauges and 140 MPH speedo (stock unit is 120)


that thing sounds really, really healthy.


Dude, the exhaust sounds AMAZING. Great job! This is probably my favorite build thread of all time.


Been spending some time doing little odds and ends that I’ve been over looking. changed the oil, doing some cleaning, fixing some leaks here and there.

first off this eye sore.

while I was polishing my valve covers and air cleaner fins I decided to polish the top of the rad. At first I wasnt gonna do it but it looks good. Its not a mirror shine so I like it. It has a finished look to it.

another thing I have to do is paint the fanshroud black.

I also noticed the centers of my wheels are starting to age nicely. They are starting to get the bronze color that the movie car wheels had on them. It really ties them into the car much more now. Im going to take the wheels off an polish them inside and out, they need it badly.

compared to 3 years ago.

and over the weekend one of the original movie cars sold at mecum for $1 million dollars :lol1: :banana: 302/4speed car. Impressive to say the least.

couple movie clips from mecum

[ame=]Eleanor Hero Car Sells at Mecum for $1 Million - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor - Gone in 60 Seconds Hero Car - YouTube[/ame]