BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


That’s a nice wiring harness you got there


dude. really fucking sweet, seriously.


too bad you can see any of it:lol

thanks sir


light paint like a boss


garage shot ftmfw.


stupid ?..are you going to enter it in the show??


I have a Sticker so if I wanted to I could. But I’d rather just drive around I nay do a couple laps in the cruise if I feel like it


Yeah buddy so money


New back ground :tbu


new treatz


Plate is cool…headers look like old school headers for TFS highport though?


Excellence ITT as always.


not sure, a guy I used to work with sold me them for $20. I’m 99 percent they will fit with little to no modification. Which is hard esp with the rack and pinon in the car.


Big red whats the deal with the new car you just bought?


haha that thing? its anything but new


What are the plans chop and slam?


They have the offset holes for a high port style head the only real issue other than replacing the flanges is the actual height of the header. They are made to sit at a different level because the ports are raised. You could try and see, I’d just get a set of tri-y style if it was me my dad’s friend had a set mint off his 67 vert let me ask him. He went to a bigger header with his 347 but the tri-y worked awesome with his built up 289.


NM, After looking at them long enough I figured out where they are for. 351C. I should have known right off I just sold a set of ported 351C heads not long ago…:banghead


This thing is a work of art Dave


lovin all the recent updates