BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


got the last fitting for the heater hose and got that on, I also put a fresh coat of paint on the engine bay, I decided to go with a dark charcoal rather than flat black like everyone else. At this point its pretty much done, I have a set of headers im gonna install and do some other little odds and ends to tidy up some stuff, Once I pull this motor I will fully shave the bay and weld up all of the holes but for the most part that’s it.








im surprised you kept the red fan


one of the things I will be changing


Looks alot better dude


Looks legit now. The old manifold is meh.


looks amazing great job.

Only complaint is the rod ends on the strut bars (or whatever those would be called)


shit looks bad ass!!!


total cobb job


Headers will finish it off perfectly. Sick man.


speaking of that does anyone know who does ceramic coating around here?


send it off to swain-tech coatings in western ny


Swaintech is unmatched in terms of performance. Most people get turned off by the white color but you can just spray it with silver engine paint and it will adhere very well to the ceramic surface.


swaintech is last time i checked the only one who had a pure ceramic coating as well(WL) It’s a rough coating though and requires an overcoat of a backed on paint if one is going to have it for show purposes. It get’s very dirty very quick and is roug(40-60 grit sandpaper rough) making it difficult to clean UNLESS it’s post coated with paint.

I’ve used it many times before and worth the $$$ spent on it. Jethot and similars work, but are mostly for show IMO. If you’re just looking for a show finish that will not corrode and provides a little thermal barrier, jethot chrome would be your best bet. It can be wet sanded and polished.


heat isnt really an issue, like you said just looking for something that will hold up. nothing worse than shitty headers. sounds like jethot is the way to go, ill most likely just send them the whole exhaust over the winter


This thing is such a pile:


A few of my friends sent there headers to Jet Hot in PA and they came out sweet. REALLY nice looking finish. I will look for some pics.





that car is so dumpy


i love #1!