BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


Plan to have over 500whp?


I’m pretty sure the Aeromotive will support more WHP than your stock bottom end will (going down the track, not on the dyno)


the new long block will be.


I spent that last couple days building and adjusting the throttle cable set up. I started with a universal Lokar cable and modified it to fit.

the first issue being the 67 mustang never came with a throttle cable but with a throttle linkage , so I had a 69 gas pedal in the parts box that would work a bit better. I had to cut off the factory end and make my own to work with the Lokar cable tho.


cut the cable/ housing to fit on my bracket I made.

one thing I liked about the lokar cable is that it had tons of adjustment on both ends of the cable and the housing. So this allowed me to not only adjust where the throttle started/ ended but also the pedal height. Once this was done and I had the pedal where I wanted it I decided it was too soft, so I needed to add a return spring, after trying a couple different lengths and resistances I found one I was happy with. So not only are the pedals more even( before the gas pedal was way down and the clutch stuck out.) but the amount of pressure needed is exactly what I want. This should make the car much more enjoyable to drive now.


I registered to say I just spent the last X hour(s) pouring through all 71 pages of this thread.

All I can really say is… holy crap. Fantastic work.



Welcome BTW


got the car on the road today, Still a few loose ends to be squared away but otherwise its good. Car sounds more healthy,runs smooth, the throttle response is amazing and over all it pulls real nice.



Thought it was going to be a driving video. Still nice.


He doesn’t want to JustinGSR it.




Wiring is mint?


I havent been following this too much lately but I remember the videos earlier in the thread of that mustang with the high revving small block that was a beast. Is that still your motor plan or has that changed?


yup, 347ci, dart block, AFR heads, looking to have an 8500 rev limit.


yessir, solid work


I heard this crap wagon start and run the other day.
Clingy adjective to describe sound: Stout.


I have since done a few tweaks to getting running better too.




TCP strut tower brace on. I also installed a MSD cap/ custom made wires.


Looks good buck


thanks petur