BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


I hate you


hate is a strong word joe


a true milspec harness uses bulkhead cannon plug and quick disconnect harness fittings. but terminology aside, the revised harness looks alot tidier


Correct. I think that’s milspec heat shink. I miss building harness’, you guys would freak at some of the shit I’ve built, literally over 100 wires going to 1 connector, lol


yeah the shrink is nice. i built a harness one time, what a nightmare man, it was over 100 pins, it was an avionics box harness. i wanted to kill myself after.


you wire planes and shit right?


Haha. Like anything else, it gets easier with time. As you probably found out, one wrong cut/crimp/etc, you’re done and starting over


I’m an aircraft mechanic/electrician yes


That’s crazy… I just don’t get wiring, just seems really complicated to me.


That’s a good example, I’ve built similar looking stuff. It’s basically done on wiring ‘walls’ or ‘boards’



Build me a double pumper over the winter lol


lol! I’m sure I could but there is not much electrical to it at all, and would not be any cheaper by the time I got done with it vs. Buschur. Honestly bro, just do an Aeromotive pump, drops right in




Do you just live to suck damn.


What is it that you’re trying to say?


ok, I have to pull off the water pump tomorrow and give that to you too to weld something on.


yea its not full milspec but like you said much tidier.

OT, I got the lokar throttle cable on and hooked up. the pedal is a little soft with just the primary’s open So I may add an additional throttle return spring.


Did you wrap it? :rofl :rofl

I built my car harnesses on a board, definitely easier. Not “milspec” but doesn’t need to be.


yea thats what i’m gonna do… the 1 aeromotive won’t be enough fuel