BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


i wish i knew you were going to use pushloc -6 line, i have a ton to clear out :frowning: looks good though.


I need some 8AN have any?


only 6. ray might have 8


ok ill shoot him a text


I got a bunch more done tonight, I have to run the heater hoses, run the vacuum lines, and it should be ready to run.

new o-rings on the injectors, fuel rails/ lines all tightened down, throttle body all bolted down and the wiring all done.

and then I found out my spark plug wires are not long enough

but that’s ok because this came in the mail today


Everything looks great,when do you expect to finish up the motor work?


Damn… you doin this all yourself?


I will have the motor ready to run in the next day or so.

Basically , Joe helped me a lot on the wiring but other than that I did it all myself.


looking good dave, bay looks amazing


It LIVES! got the car running tonight. I didn’t have the coolant hoses or the throttle cable hooked up so I couldn’t drive it. However it sounds real strong, the throttle response is ridiculous! Its so snappy. Ill tie up the loose ends tomorrow or the next day and hopefully get it out for a ride, no hood of course haha


Good to hear. How much power are you expecting?


I would say it might pick up a couple HP but the iron heads on the car are restrictive, however this will open the door for when I have the new motor/heads.


nice work…the new valve covers do a great job of making the motor look larger as well…looks good in there.


dude sweet


You built the wire harness with mil spec everything?


Nice work Big Red, really putting in solid work.


I have some aluminum tubing I will bring by tomorrow at the shop Dave and we can start the catch cans. Call me tomorrow after noon and we can work it out. I will cut the 2 tubes and you can pick them up, scribe the angle cuts on them and I will cut the lines and finish the cans asap for ya.




It was hella fun


Theres nothing mil spec on there… doesnt matter… looks good though