BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


ya right lol , where is the new joby job


@ vintage. I got tired of all the BS at my valet job and the retarded hours.




we discussed this sun lol


yup, I gave my boss my notice monday


Nice man, both the engine and quitting the valet job lol.


haven’t gotten a chance to tear the motor apart because of working 55+ hours a week but I did manage to make it to a couple shows over the past few weeks. Tom( 69clark) tagged along to both as well.

lia auto show we both were chosen for the top 25 out of 300+ cars.I was told that my car also received the most peoples choice votes that day as well.

the next week we both attended the New York Mustang Breast cancer cure show. This was my third year attending and was a great time. Tom brought home 2nd place in the fox class and I got best of show.

some pics from that


I smell another small feature for this thing.



got that hideous ford manifold on and did the mock up with the new setup. It actually fits great but there are a couple small things that need to be addressed but thats to be expected.


Dave that is better then the movie! good job!


Dave that is better then the movie! good job! sorry i was on my old shift name the first time


got the intake manifold bolted down and sealed up, and test fitted the valve covers, just waiting on some ARP hardware for them then they can get bolted down as well. now I can start doing wiring, making fuel lines, set up the throttle cable, and do a bunch of other misc stuff.



you pulling off the hinges and giving them some love too while your at it?


lookion good but where is the picture of gloves’s new bike


it broke the camera when I tried to take a picture.


looks good dood.


im starting to see what we talked about dave. the plan is coming together nicely. goodbye by the way. :’-(


Yup. It is nice to see what I had in my head turned into reality.


Been really busy the past few days working on underhood stuff.

First up was the mil spec engine harness. That took 3 days just to make. However the end result was well worth it. Sorry for the dark pictures.

main harness

intake air temp and the throttle position sensor were run under the manifold.

map sensor and oxygen sensor wiring

coil, coolant temp and oil press sensors

The injector harness required the most work, because I want to keep the whole bay free from wiring in addition to keeping the fuel injection as stealth as possible I decided to turn the injectors around so that the clips were on the inside. However this created clearance problems with the center 4 injectors, the solution…honda civic injector clips which were smaller. I also was having problems with the injector clips hitting the wiring. So that was solved with a normal 3/4 carb spacer which also fixed my clearance problems with my distributor. This allowed me to run the harness along the side of the fuel rail, which makes the harness nearly invisible once the air cleaner is on.

Next up was the fuel system. I converted it all to 6AN. Originally I wanted to use nickel plated push lock fittings, however due to lack of angle selection I went with Mr gasket shadow fittings which Im very happy with.

first off the fuel pressure regulator.(also notice the hole where the old engine harness came out.)

and the lines

Normally I see everyone run the crossover hose right in front of the distributor which looked tacky and stuck out like a sore thumb to me, So I ran mine behind it instead.

Last up was the Heater hoses, On every old mustang/ small block ford I’ve seen people always just lay heater hoses right over the valve cover which again looks horrible. So I converted it to 10AN also using the same fittings/ hose as the fuel system. Ive never seen this done before.

The final result is a clean clutter free engine bay. Everything still has to be buttoned down but here’s what it will look like when its done.