BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


yeah for sure! I am saying one wack takes alot of stuff out! yikes!


yup, luckily I wasn’t the one


thats how we roll :cone


Now that the exterior and the interior are done for the most part its time to turn my focus to under the hood.I really want to make a statement under the hood. I have some big plans, that will make under the hood just as nice as the rest of the car. I Spent a ton of money on the next big purchase for the car, I will be Redoing the engine bay, upgrading fuel system, changing the valve covers, and converting the stock ford fuel injection to Mass Flow stand alone fuel injection. The manifold, fuel rails and throttle body came in today. Each part is made in house by mass flow and I gotta say when I opened the box I was blown away by the quality, its a work of art!

1000CFM throttle body


primary’s open

secondarys open

It even uses a ford throttle position sensor and idle air control valve!


Sick! Now go steal PJB’s motor and put it to good use.


I tried buying his motor…its a lost cause.


nice manifold setup. Looks just like the Accel stuff I have for my camaro.


they do like 4 mph with this boom on


Cobra motor swap.

Thread(motor part).


couple shots of the engine bay before It gets ripped apart tomorrow.





I like how it says, “5.0 HO” like its talking to me lol


got my vanity plate today


I haven’t had any real updates in a while but I’ve been busy planning, fabricating, ordering and returning stuff for the past 2 months.

I’m keeping the car small block but I wanted to do something different, I wasn’t happy with just bolting on some ford racing valve covers like everyone else does. So I had some pent house finned big block valve covers made. These are the same style as the original gt500s, but rather than saying cobra I milled out the center to put an emblem on there. I also had some billet fill caps welded on to replace the stock push in covers, In addition I had some AN fittings welded on the back of the valve covers that will run into a yet to be fabricated catch can. I was also torn on what color I wanted to do them. I wanted polished fins to match the billet grills, however I didn’t want to paint them black like the stock shelbys, and I thought natural was too plain. So I decided to paint them satin pepper gray to match the car.

polishing the fins

painted body color

next was the air cleaner. I wanted to run the oval air cleaner like the original Shelby’s. But rather than bolt on the standard black finned cobra air cleaner that everyone else does I decided to do something one off.

I started off with a blank finned cover which was custom ordered.

I stripped it and milled out the center to fit the same emblem I have between my taillights.

I also polished the fins to match

and painted it body color like the valve covers

next up was the air filter, which turned into a huge process, including purchasing 3 filters before I found one that fit. The original GT500s ran a 1 7/8th" oval filter, however that wouldn’t clear the mas air flow sensor. So I ordered a 3" K&N filter which turned out to give me enough clearance for the mass air but hit the hood, Not to mentioned looked silly. So I looked around a but and found a 2.25" filter made by SB filters

the final product.

After about 10 orders to Summit/Jegs I got all of the correct fuel fittings and my fuel pressure regulator.

Another thing that took a while to figure out was the heater hose. Normally people run a standard hose and just kind of lay it over the valve cover. That wasn’t gonna do. So I got matching fittings to convert it all to 10AN hose.

The fuel pressure regulator

The next set of issues was the air cleaner base, It wasn’t sitting flush and was hitting the idle air control valve along with the throttle linkage. So I had a spacer/ O ring welded on to solve that.

Since my stock ford throttle cable is too long I’m going to be running a lokar throttle cable, So I ordered the lokar throttle cable bracket, however it wast even close to fitting and was hitting the air cleaner base, Idle air control valve,fuel rail and throttle linkage . So I made my own bracket that clears everything.


We might have to do a few shots of your underhood set up.
Its too much like art work lol.


i love ittttt , so when we doing the intake ???/ i cant wait to see it done man


well there is no “movie” correct engine bay, So it allowed me to do whatever. I always like to make my statements on my cars with the engine bays/ stance So it has to live up the rest of the car…and it will.


covers look awesome and will fit the car perfect!!!


anytime after Sunday, with my new job I have normal hours again so i’m home by 6 most days.


You got a new job?