BIG REDS wanna be Nick Cage Build thread.


wayyy toooo hawtttt


Don’t we all just love a good TEASER!!!

High-res available in link:

No more will be posted until they are done and we are done shooting…


Do it. You wont.

You damn well better p’shop that thing getting air over an amberlamps on a bridge. :lol


So nice, seriously can’t wait to see the rest of the shots


Every time I drive over the tallest bridge on 787 crossing over the other lanes below I say “How epic would it be if we had a flat bed, amberlampz, cops, and stopped traffic to do a rig shot heading towards the flat bed on the bridge…”





I actually had a surprise part show up today. I had totally forgot I ordered it, I ordered it back in march. It was the first part of my strut tower brace. Like my coilovers it was Made by Total Control Products. Which means months of back orders but also means the highest quality possible, and it sure is. I’m not sure if its gonna fit with my ford EFI manifold but either way that is getting replaced very soon by something MUCH more fitting for the car.


Ebay junk.


Apc fo lyfe!!!


Cars badass bro!!! NICE WORK.


thanks TDI wizzard!


awsome car love it more every time i see a pic of it. you gotta bring it to my show at parsons on july 9th.


behind the scenes photo




Seriously can’t wait to see the complete set of shots from this shoot.


Saw the car in the Burger King parking lot on Fri. night as I drove by…looked amazing!


Brochure Truck lurking in the back looking HAM. :rofl

96*F in full noon sun is not photoshoot friendly.


At least you dont have to switch 35mm film around lol.


Man I sure dont want to be the first tard to look out the pass side window and clip a parked car with his boom! lol

and wouldn’t the floppy neck strap get in the way of a shot sometimes! lol

Looks cool as hell man, that shot looks like a movie car shot!


the boom was quite expensive, but the camera/ lens is worth a ton more.