Bigfoot spotted...

On Mars???

Guess he got sick of people taking his blurry picture here on Earth.

is that supposed to be for real?

yes, he’s dead fucking serious.

This just goes to prove that “Bigfootians” are an highly advanced race of humanoids, capable of intergalactic travel. Which probably assumes that cars are the primary inhabitants, and they like to munch on humans.

looked like the edge of the rock with some shadow which made it look like a man.
i guess the news is running out of news…

One of your ancestors perhaps?

I just used advanced photo editing to get a few parts of the pic cleaned and i got some great detail. Turns out it is someone that wandered outside the airlock.

naw, im related to the yhetti not bigfoot


You should get a dictionary or at least use before you make a post with words that are above your 5th grade spelling level.

^^I don’t know who you are but :clap:

noob shhh


i will be quiet when you learn to spell, so if that is the case then you have a great long while until i am silenced.

Correct, and yes, i made that very same mistake :stuck_out_tongue:



Its a Transformer I bet.

Holy fucking shit that just blew my fucking mind!!

Has anyone seen SkunkApe around ? Maybe he went on a trip???