Bluetooth Car Adapter ..

anyone have one in ther car? Just picked up an Audi and wanted to put this in while i have everything ripped out for my iPod connection.

I hear good things about Motorola ones, but the decent ones are quite a lot of money.


Depends what you want. If you want something hard wired into the car, the parrot kits are the best out now.

If your looking for a cheaper one that goes into the cigarette lighter, their all going to be about the same quality.

i’m definately thinking hard-wired.

are there any places locally to get these? I’m gonna swing by BB and CC tonight and take a look at selection.

not that I know of, you can pick them up online though

depending on what year audi you have they sell oem bluetooth plugins…aftermarket I have heard ok things about parrot

I had bluetooth in the Mini I NEVER USED IT. (well right after it was installed mabye 2 or 3 times becouse it was a “new Toy”) but in my mind wasnt worth it. I drive for a living talk on my phone all day Ive gotten 2 tix. (1 a year) 75bucks a peace. way cheaper then the hard wired blue tooth.

i’ve already gotten busted for talking on the phone. to me $100 or so is worth it.

The Audi is a 2001 S4, so i may look around for an OEM one … i have a feeling it will cost a lot more than i’m willing to spend though.