BMW Parts - E46/E9X CF and Titanium - Top Speed

hey gents,

I’ve always ordered a fair bit of Top Speed products for Nissans and they have a large order of BMW parts coming over next week that will be available to me.

If any of you gents are interested in anything below please let me know. I’m going to order a few items for myself and could combine shipping to save $ on some of the lips and rear diffusers

Here is the list (pricing doesn’t include shipping:)

BMW E90/92/93 M3 Full Titanium Exhaust - $2350
BMW E90/92/93 M3 T304 Mid Pipes - $400
BMW E46 M3 Full Titanium Exhaust - $1550

Carbon Fiber parts

BMW E60 CF Mirror Covers - $135
BMW E82/87 CF Mirror Covers - $135
BMW E90/91 Sedan 06-08 CF Mirror Covers - $135
BMW E90/91 Sedan 09-12 CF Mirror Covers - $135
BMW F10 5 Series CF Mirror Covers - $135

BMW E46 M3 CF CSL Styel Engine Cover - $165
BMW E46 M3 CF CSL Style Front Lower Splitter - $160
BMW E46 M3 CF CSL Style Rear Lower Diffuser - $225

BMW E90/92/93 M3 CF CSL Style Front lower Splitter - $225
BMW E92/93 M3 CF Grille - $175
BMW E90/92/93 M3 CF Hood Vent - $125
BMW E90/92/93 M3 CF Mirror Cover - $135
BMW E92 M3 CF Performnance Style Rear Trunk Spoiler - $185
BMW E92 M3 Rear Lower Diffuser - $265
BMW E90/92/93 M3 CF Side Marker Cover - $75

---- again prices do not include actual shipping.

E9x resonated xpipe
Cf mirror cover

yeah i’m pretty interested in the x-pipes too :slight_smile:

for you, $400 + $135 + actual drop shipping…

pmed you :slight_smile:

got and replied.

for you guys i’ll just drop ship stuff so i can order it anytime. I don’t need to wait to accumulate items for orders for myself.

I added prices just for simplicity. Split shipping is possible to save you guys a few buck as well… if you get a batch shipped to one place. If the order is largish i’ll just ship it to my PO Box and bring it in to Buffalo myself.

drop shipped some gear to Ian, shipped yesterday… Ian, get some solid pics please.

Long, Steve… stop being gay and gimme monies!!!

gotta figure out if i am keeping the pile before i dump monies into it

i don’t see how that benefits me at all ???

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

E46 rear diffusers are available again.

thanks bing

dat look gooood

I totally forgot to post a pic here, thanks again Bing!

i’ve asked about a CF diffuser for my car but they dont do one yet… must find.

Anything for an F30?

just carbon mirror covers at the moment.

Ok that is all I could find as well. Let me know if they come out with anything. My co-worker just picked up a F30 335 x.