boot repair shops

i need to get a pair of boots resoled (vibram) so does anyone here know of a good place around here to bring them?

don’t know any cobblers around here, sorry

theres one on rt20
googled it… “uptown shoe repair” 1817 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203
(518) 456-5727

My neighbor owns Michaels shoe repair on union st, Schenectady.

My dad always takes his shoes there.

thanks for the info guys

instead of starting another thread i figured i would ask here: i’m looking for a good pair of boots that are lightweight, durable, comfortable, and good for hiking/outdoor use, gore tex or waterproof would be nice but i can live without it if the boot is good enough. so far i have looked at danner ICH boots but have seen a lot of reviews and they seem to wear out and fail quickly.

LL BEAN lifetime warranty. Most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever owned. Stitching came loose on my first pair, but were replaced without issue immediately.