apparetnly BOSE might be getting into the suspension market…i am assuming more for luxury cars…they use Linear electromagnetic motors installed at each wheel that are controlled by a set of proprietary algorithms.


Yeah, they’ve been testing that for a while now… it would probably be best suited to luxury cars as there will be quite a bit of unsprung weight.

I remember seeing the test they did with two LS400’s - one wallowed terribly through the corners, theirs cut it in a clean arc, practically no roll at all. And they made it jump over a 2 x 4 :smiley:

you think they will be making them or just putting their name on springs made by someone else??

also, they should stick to what they are good at.

Didnt momo try to put out audio stuff aswell?

Yeah, that making the car jump like Knight rider was da pimp ass shit.


Bump - cause I just read that Mr. Bose, since his entry into the acoustics world, has only concentrated on sound systems as a way of funding his true passion, suspension.

Which is fucking awesome.

Although the weight concerns and drain on power of the electric motors are some issues.

Thats an interesting concept.

yes, Momo did do a joint venture with Polk Audio for a while. we had it where i used to work. it was alright, but for the same prioce u could get some JBL stuff that sounded a lot better. basically u were paying for the name.

Ummmm I think you better read the link.

Good to see BOSE, a bad audio company, making suspensions now…laff.

I remember reading this a year ago, the energy consumption/required processing power sucked. But my god it was a damn impressive active suspension system. Think it was a one-page blurb in popular mechanics.

Yeah, it was at least a year ago.

somebody questioned above if Momo started making audio stuff at some pojt, and i was jsut clarifying that.

Gotcha. Didn’t see that.

Darkstar bose makes some of the best bang for buck home theatre things on the market, aside from top of the line such as i have.

The real beauty of full active suspension is how you can fuck with it. Formula in the late 80’s had this technology before it was banned. Moveable areo was banned and they need high angle of attack on wings to get downforce in corners but it caused too much drag in the corners. So what the active suspension cars did was raise the frontsuspension up (reverse rake) to cut down the angle of attack on the wings on the straights and then when they came to corners they did the reverse to get more initial downforce and then went more nuetral as the corner went on. The cars were just see-sawing all over the track. That couple with gps autoshift on the tracks made for some crazy fucking cars.

To each his own, but I think Bose is the most overrated system on the market. There’s no midrange sound. They pack a lot of bass, hit it off with small cheap speakers that crank out highs for cheap, and sell it. You turn it on and think it sounds good because an average person can’t hear midrange as much as extreme lows and highs. Read up on listener fatigue and why it happens, and then build your own setup that sounds a million times better for the same price. I’m no audiophile but DJing and just being an avid listener of music really brought out the ear in me…I’d never waste my money on a “high end” bose system.

great another over priced sub par product :rollseyes:

I know what high end is, but in the realm of Circuit city places, Bose is best, other than that they are just mid range junk

not its not, bose is fucking horrible, there is no definition in the sound, the sound stage blows donkey nut, and you are still paying a premium for them, when you can get B&W dm600 for about the same price and will sound significantly better, but please do not get me started on the shit that is called bose

You said it dude. Bose = shit.