Boy sells 3,000 monster drawings to pay for his own cancer treatment

thought that this was an amazing story, so i figured id share it with you guys. little bit old but who cares, still an amazing kid

Thats amazing. Poor kid.

where can I order one?

Edit - “Treatment: Aidan’s family is no longer selling the monster drawings after raising enough money for his hospital treatment”

yea i was going to order one aswell to help Aidan out. better to hear they arent selling them now though so you know he accomplished what he set out to do

also, props to them for not continuing to sell them for profit.

Why stop there. If/when the kid feels better he should mack on and get his college fund out of the way. He surely went through hell. It’s not like he’s taking advantage of the story if he made some more money for a good purpose IMO. Hopefully he beats it for good and goes on to be a super entrepreneur!

Not the same.
One thing to do it to help pay for treatment.

Keep the “books” public, and if funds aren’t needed, I’m pretty sure there’s someone else w/cancer.

Spam has an even better idea that passes folks generosity onto others. When you get part of your 15 minutes of fame you need to strike while the iron is hot. If you gain media traction you run with it as long as hard as you can and maximize it’s benefit. Look at the Jersey Shore morons, they do nothing good for the world and they are milking media hype. They have no skills or reason to be “celebrities” yet they are profiting. What’s wrong with someone using media hype for a positive purpose? It’s a matter of opinion and we just don’t see eye to eye I guess.

There were how many ppl ready to paypal for pictures? Just in this thread. As long as funds weren’t misused, ppl would continue. Put it to use, involve others, some kid out there sick or a parent or even a donation by someone can design a website, market the shit out of it, get Dyrdek on it, he’s big on helping and web use.

Not about seeing eye to eye.
I would only be interested in it if it goes towards an actual cause.
Like spam suggested - a cancer benefit or something of that regard.

Not going to send him $ to pay for his college/hedgefund etc. I understand the point of maximizing profit when you get your 15 mins but I am not willing to support that cause.
And I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels that way.

Not seeing eye to eye means you and I have different opinions on something, no?

Your opinion is…this is something you and others wouldn’t send money for.
My opinion is…this is something I and others would send money for.
Since we’re dealing in opinions and not hard facts I’d call that not seeing eye to eye but whatever you want to call it is cool by me. :wink:

My opinion is…as long as they are honest with what they are doing with the money there is nothing wrong with asking for continued donations. I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels that way. Either way it’s irrelevant and I don’t care to detract from the kids success any further. Kudos to the parents for their ability to find a way through the negative and into the positive. :slight_smile:


I understand what it means to not see “eye to eye”

It still isn’t the same thing to raise funds for the sake of raising funds VS help me pay my hospital bills and fight cancer.

Mostly - “Help my kid pay for college buy his shitty monster drawings” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
If you want I’ll draw you some to help fund my miata…

LMAO. I’ll paypal you a few bucks for a monster drawing, though I’d prefer a ride in the Miata instead. :wink:

I’m working on one in MSpaint…

this kid rules

The parents look able bodied, neither one of them could get decent health insurance for the kid?

it said his father was an aircraft technician, but the mother probly satys at home too look after him. they might not make the money to afford health insurance like that

He catches his own dinner too!

Even with insurance most treatments like that get really expensive.