hey… cool stuff eh?

pound going for a shit.

i assumed it was just a Y2K type bullshit distraction story but hey…

^ I always forget about “Network Wide” because I’m American and don’t care about you Canadians. :slight_smile:


Seems like a huge push to the right last night.

i don’t follow UK politics very closely but i do recall that recently 2 parties essentially merged to help usher in Brexit so that likely has something to do with this.

it continues to be perplexing trying to assemble a reasonable narrative of events using the fractions of truth contained in the mainstream news.

2nd time the people have spoken, will they act on it this time?

have you guys seen the losers in the UK streets protesting?

a whole bunch of gender studies grads and effeminate ‘males’ chanting anti-boris stuff presented as if it suggested others should follow suit rather than have their opposing opinions further confirmed by seeing who was the actual base of the socialist-side.

Hasn’t come up in my news feed yet, where did you see it? It’s probably because I use google for everything.