Bullitt - The Video

I can’t view this properly at work, to choppy. If anyone has a video capture setup I’d love to have this one.

Motor Trends cover story this month is the Charger R/T vs. the Mustang GT - in the streets of San Fransisco. They even got FoMoCo to repaint a yellow GT in the dark green of McQueen’s '68 390 for the shoot, while DC supplied a black metallic Hemi. I noticed in the story that they had a “see the vid @…” portion.

So enjoy.


i think its supposed to be all choppy. its like “artistic” or some shit. (read that as gay)

Read that as photos transcribed into video. It’s the actual shoot.

definitely. Considering the chase scene in the real movie was like 10 minutes long, and had real motion, a feature that is almost necessary in video! lol