Another reason why old Chargers > *

Right click, save as…:headbang:

I’ve seen that somewhere before, definitely sweet shit, and amazing driving skills.

looks like a snip from the movie shoot

definantly one of the reasons old chargers >

at the end of the clip it sounds like someone says “got that shot” over a loud speaker

looks quite staged , as i find it hard to beleive that noone would be turning right into any of the lots when theres THAT many cars in the traffic circle

staged or not, thats still someone driving the car like that which is cool as hell.

oh i agree … its a totaly sweet move :tup:

yeah, sweet movie, but gotta be staged. if any average joe was cruisin thru that traffic circle and saw that, theyd shit their pants and slam the brakes like whoa.

:lol: i agree :tup: sweet vid

hmm… new dukes of hazard possibly?

yeah. Thought so.

thats great! where can i go to do that! brian ready to take a vid next time it rains hahahaha