Busted 4wd

I have a 95 Exploder that I managed to destroy the 4wd in…when I put it in fwd the indicator light shows it is engaged, but I have no drive to the front wheels, I also have a clicking noise when driving in 4wd. This all happened after four wheelin one night while in 4wd the entire time.

Any suggestions (or links to articles on) what the problem is?
I attempted searching on google but I am not finding relevant articles.

Thanks for any help

clicking noise in the hubs or in the transfer case?

manual or auto hubs? Where is the clicking noise coming from? transfer case or hubs?

hubs are notorious in those

agreed. mostly a clicking or ratcheting noise is a hub not fully engaging or disengaging. if that has an electronic transfer case it should have auto hubs factory.

raise the vehicle, put it in 4wd and see what moves and what doesn’t

exploder… enough said

Same problem as mine for the last 3+ years. Heres the solution.
everyone i know over looked this solution. It clicked in the rear iinterior cargo hold trap door. nothing else.


The problem is a broken “stop” on the electrical switch that engages the transfer case. To replace it unbolt the switch from the rear on the transfer case. First you will need to pull the wiring harness out. One of the wire won’t come out so, pull the “plug” (that the best way to describe it) out of the middle of the harness. Then remove the wire. Now the entire motor/switch assembly should come off. You will probably find a few small “chunks” in there. They are what is left of the stop (i.e. your problem). To replace it go to a hardware store and pick up a foot of hard plastic tubing that fits over the stop on the gear. Take the gear with you to make sure it fits. Clean the brushes and contacts on the motor with an electrical cleaning spray and a rag. Put it all back together and it should work for ya.

It sounded like its coming from up front, but i havent been in it for a couple months. It does have the auto hubs, guess my next step is to pin point the clicking to the front or transfer case.
Thanks for the help.

simple diagnosis… grab the front half shaft at the wheel and see if you can turn it. if you can, the hubs are junk. if not, move to shaggy’s post.

to clarify. when the vehicle is not in 4wd the front wheels should not be engaged to the axles and the front driveshaft should also spin freely from the transfer case/rear driveshaft. when it is in 4wd you should be able to put the vehicle in neutral, push both rear wheels in the same direction and consequently have the front wheels engage and spin. if the front shaft spins but not the hubs(or just one spins) then you know your problem is up front

be careful removing that pin on the connector too…you don’t wanna break the retaining tab or the pin won’t stay in

Thanks for the advise…I’ll be lookin into this again once the snow subsides and I have some free time again (ands can get it out of the yard)

Problems with wheel shafts and hubs a some times can be really tricky, and might be an indicator to a bigger problem coming up in future so i would suggest you to take help of a dealer or a technician who can help you in getting it repaired and will help you in avoiding delays and as well as other difficulties.