BWW Blazin' wing experience

Tonight, my friends and I went to the bww in henrietta …
silly us got 5 blazin’ wings after we ate our other ones and almost died from the hottness.

The problem was that they were tasty awesome until about two minutes later when the hot attacked my mouth and lips with the fury of 3 billion fires. so we came up with names to call them instead like …

What the Fuck Did I Do That For Wings

I had a serious thought to pour ketchup in my mouth at one point.
The beer didn’t help and eating the other wings as chasers didn’t chase anything away at all. Water finally half worked.

What the hell was I thinking?! No one told me about those.
I thought… ehhh I’m a Buffalo girl, I know hot, I can handle it. Nope.

I had major strife vs. the remaining two wings and wanted to throw them into the mouths of the bastards in the kitchen who made them. Instead, I stared at them with a rage few have experienced.

My tongue still hurts and my lips are still burning. I tried to get the fat guy next to us to eat the last two.
He wouldn’t have anything to do with me.

wings like that arent food … they are buffalo water torture … you eat the wings then u try to drown yourself in glass after glass of water … but its futile … and you realise that shortly after your ready to break down in tears


thought id highlight that, per our taffys conversation … bet it still wont help tho :rofl:

huwahahahahahah, omg omg…

yeah, same thing here too!

damnit…even after one blazin’…it destroyed my whole taste bud…LOL

anywho…there are some friends of mine who really enjoy em! seriously, they can eat 10 of em…and keep enjoying the hotness…



you’re going to be screaming for vanilla ice cream in the bathroom later.

If that’s a picture of you there… it totally doesn’t look like you at all…
With the hair cut off, and the intense look, and the reflection of the eyes from the camera… it looks like the wings have turned you into a some sort of night creature.

Eh… blazin wings just give me massive heart burn… Stuff isn’t hot enough unless I can sweat from eating them. The Blazin aren’t my favorite there… but I am able to stand them.


I’m betting her hair is just pulled back.

Capsaicinoids are the culprits in the spicy sauce. The best remedy is milk or dairy products. Linky.

yeah, you totally look like a dude in that picture.

someday someone might say that about you

wouldnt that be a treat :slight_smile:

HAHAHAHA. don’t make me rub your face in it.

the “Rage” picture


I used to get drunk at that place on my lunch breaks…


Yeah it doesn’t hit you until you finish the wing.

I made the mistake of taking my contacts out without washing my hands… My eyes were red for a week!

she looks like a country singer! LOL…

u guys seen the country singer concert yesterday on TV?

wow…those girls are wearing those white cowboy shirt…lol

those arent cowboy shirts … ther are wife beaters / husband beaters

Those Blazin wings are tricky. A couple friends put a few in my wing basket when I wasnt looking. 5 min later I didnt know what was going on. I drank 2 of the tall drafts pretty quickly though. And I def. couldnt taste anything for the rest of the night.

Another tip: Wash your hands really well before you go Pee. I will never make that mistake again!

Sigh… I miss Tuesday nights at BW3’s

yeah, that’s me. I was being an ass and trying to look as hateful as I could.
there are plenty of actual pictures of me out there… that would be boring if I didn’t look a night creature in that shot.

would this one be better?

I thought… ehhh I’m a Buffalo girl, I know hot, I can handle it. Nope.

:bsflag: Rochester Born and Raised

“blazin”? damn you’re crazy… even the “hot” and “hot bbq” is smokin’ hot…

yeah i think the first time i went there i laughed because the beverages are listed as “fire extinguishers”… i wasn’t laughing very long though…

btw their boneless wings > *

not quite. I lived in Chili for the majority of my life… which is outside of Rochester next to cows. and I didn’t say I was a Buffalonian did I, Chris?
but I’ve been living here for 4 years now and I feel like more of a Buffalo girl than a Rochester one, that’s all. :smiley: