CallOut neonGAY

see how that FPgreen dose, Im stock with gods hand print bitch:headbang:

Sounds like NeonGLH better turn up the STi boost.


I’m in. The FPGreen is cranked up to 29 pounds, you don’t stand a fucking chance noob fag.

sweet, you guys comming out here to run?

I’ll go from a dig at NYI if johnny is man enough:snky:

I’ll go from a dig on the street, but we’ll both spin and I don’t like to spin :stuck_out_tongue:


Can the life partners please not call each other out on the forum…keep that :gay: for Roclife

Sorry sherm :gay3:


and the sti shouldnt spin, u need tires thats all.

id get that all the time at the track,
“dude i cant stop spinning,”

  • what size and brand tire are u running
    “275s on a 18” wheel"
  • :bloated: seriously

my 255’s spin at NYI when they don’t prep the track well :frowning: AWD can still spin plenty when you launch hard. Spinning keeps me from breaking things I can’t afford to fix.

what 60’ are u getting?

put some mt drag radials at every corner and drop that bitch off the limiter

1.7’s consistently

i wish i could complain about 1.7 60 fts… :confused:

I’m not complaining at all… I only said that when I spin, I get worse 60’s. NYIRP is really slow right now, and because of that, they are only prepping the track once or so a night. My times are rock solid when I get there, and then the 60’ times drop later in the night, when I start to spin off the line.

I am VERY happy with getting 1.7’s! I’m coming from a turbo neon that struggled to get 2.1’s!


You drive an Fbody 1.7 should be no problem with tires…

haha i know. im on street tires right now :frowning: . but not for much longer

dude Im stock just got the car. its a built sti,:bloated:
it should be close

it would not be the first time that marks sti lost to a stock f-body :slight_smile:

neonglh - what times do you run on the green and 29psi? if you haven’t been to the track on the new setup what times have you run recently?

Johnny and I raced tonight. Got two pulls in. The first one he was out of the rpm range, and I pulled pretty good. We went again from a 50 roll, and I pulled a bit.

Sucks that the trans is acting up for you bro :tdown: