Camaro-officially returns.

I dunno if thats a good thing. Maros are nice and all, just that too many tools end up with one.

yeah i read that about 2 weeks ago just didnt think about posting it


I love that smiley

Anyway, that is not official. It has more truth to it than the other idiot car rags though. Its been known that they are working on it for a long time, seeing as Scott Settlemire regularly posts with regards to it. Signs point more to an '08 launch, but we should know more after the next detroit auto show, as I believe that mentions. Check cz28’s 5th gen forum for the good info, everything else seems to be half assed and 3 months late.

wonder what its gonna look like…

it would look cool if they made it look like an 69 or so,like ford did with stang :biglaugh:

:gtfo: The new mustang looks like shit. Hopefully GM wont jump on Fords Fag Wagon and willa ctually build a cool modern styled car and not some retro abortion.

I hope GM doesn’t do retro. If they do, by '09 when the car hits, that will be a fad that has long passed.

The one there showing at the Detroit show in Jan '06 is just a concept, so no guarantees. But Scott has pretty much indirectly said several times there will be a Camaro soon. There was alot of behind the scene politics with the plant closing in Canada and the CAW situation that GM has to be very hush hush about it.

Yeah because everyone just hates the new mustangs :roll: The new mustang is hell sexy and for the camaro who knows…as long as Chevy avoid whats ponitiac did with the GTO and dodge with the god awful charger.

I like the new mustang.

the camaro never left us. it lives on in the hearts and souls of louvered window lovers across the globe.

and the new mustang is sexy looking.

i love the new stang’s so much, I’m buying one. :smiley: sorry you feel that way, the '99-'04’s are cool too. Ford finally got it right with this one. :tup:

I saw a dark blue GT today… I liked it.

I love the new mustang, Its hella sexy, if i had more money i would own one of those too. I bought the sti cause i can drive it in the winter the mustang would have sucked in the snow. That was a sarcastic eye roll @ nhrata guy, waus of his homo comment.

yeah, the new stangs are hot

69 Camaro’s are my fav of the bodystyle