Can anyone help me out?


I had to change the throttle body on my car. Did that, and now it won’t start.

I don’t think I’m getting spark.

I don’t have a multimeter though, nor a test light, so I can’t really trace the problem

anyone with some knowledge, and maybe a multimeter, want to come help me out? I’ll buy some beers, hit them with $, whatever. I’ll be around all night tonight

hit me up, 725-5366. any time day or night


Spark plug in a wire sitting on intake manifold?


Page 18 and 22 might help if you’re unsure how to do it and after you get a multimeter.
Good luck.

NEW 2010 S16!!! nothing special
NEW 2010 S16!!! nothing special

cant u just pull one of ur tail light light bulbs and use that as a test light i do that all the time and it works great


alright it’s not the ignition coil. swapped it for the one on my touring and no luck

i guess tomorrow i’ll swap out the dizzy cap and rotor, and plug wires


if anyone had a multimeter, and could help me out, I’ll be around tomorrow all day, the sooner the better (I’m missing the AMA mid ohio weekend, to which I bought a grandstand super pass in advance).

I will pay




Is it that you just don’t know how to use one? Because they’re not that expensive and one of those things you should always have if you’re going to work on damn near anything.


multimeters aren’t very expensive…

Need your help boys - Canadian Road Racer Of The Year?

I’ll help if you still need it by monday evening after I finish some other sidejobs


If you still need a multimeter give me a call.

Lot......or not?

ya man just go pick up a good multimeter


make sure everythings hooked bak up to the throatle body, etc. one loose wire woudl suck

Lot this Fri/Sat MARCH 27/28TH

yea everythings hooked up




That’ll do everything you need and then some. You could spend another 100-300% and get one more user friendly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Around $10 bucks.


I meant $ for anyone who can help me figure this out

Lot this Fri/Sat MARCH 27/28TH

just did a diagnostic scan and got 1444; no fault codes


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