Canadian Tire Specials: Gear Wrench and Floor Jack

Gear Wrench
Reg: $89.99

Floor Jack
Reg: $189.99


I highly recommend that jack. I use it all the time, does one hell of a job. I jack s13 diffs into place with it all the time. It also jacks up my car real high when I need to jack up the rear. Also has a really long pole so jacking up the car is easy as hell, not too mention when you need to jack from the diff you don’t have to fight with those little 25 dollar jacks.


ya i have one too its a great jack, ive spilled coolent all over it, left it out in the rain, spilt oil and atf on it the whole works. and it still works great. although i paid full price for it :cry:

thanks for hte post man i might go pick up those gear wrenches

Go get them for sure man. I bought them back in December, of course I paid full price :x , but even then I found there worth EVERY PENNY!!! :smiley:
I also want the Flexhead wrenches too.

I wish I had the coin to grab that floor jack. Not only would it be better then the standard jack that came with my car, for working at home, but it would also work better at any events I make it out to this year.

Dam you G, you just had to tease me eh?


Take care guys.

Easy 8)

i picked up the 50piece screw driver set onsale for 5.99 from 24.99 very useful. has all these bits … torqs etc the works! hehe

You know, even for $140+tax, that jack is great. I doubt you will find any
cheaper deal elsewhere. Maybe used.

I got luck and got my jack off eBay for like $80 or something (I picked it
up in Pickering). You just gotta keep an eye out for these things. The
CT flyer comes everyweek. It only takes like 10 sec to go through it.

That compressor kit for $350 looks pretty good too. :wiggle:

^^^ You’re an advertiser’s dream. :slight_smile:

Canadian Tires PWNS you. :owned:

No but seriously though, I have been thinking about that jack for the whole day…but the one I have “works” just fine…

Bleh, such a guy thing. Toys. 8)

Hey all.

I actually went there today and found that they also have there 4 Piece Flex head 3/8’s Wratchet set on sale too. It’s regualr $29.99 now $14.99.

So I’ll be picking one up later this week. For that price it’s a steal.

Have a good one.

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those were on sale last weekend i think for 7.99

those were on sale last weekend i think for 7.99[/quote]

Ah fu_k no way, are you serious?

I doubt it. Maybe he saw another item. $7.99 from $29.99 is a pretty big
mark down so I highly doubt it.

its a 4 peice reg. 29.99

3/8 flex head rachet
3" extension
and 2 spark plug sockets

Yeah that’s the one! I know they have been reduced to around $10.00 before but I did’nt know they were ever below that. Dam I would have snagged it for sure at that price.

Well if I read the sale sign right, in the lower right corner, it said the sale ends Dec 2005. So if that’s the case, at least I have lots of time to get it. These wratchets are SOOOOOO usefull.

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I need a new jack too, I can’t use the one I have at home because my car is too low. Is this one okay with lowered cars? Does anyone know?


I saw it yesterday man and it will depend on how low your car is. If it’s pretty much tubbed, forget about it. I think is should JUST fit under your car.

Best thing to do is measure your clearence between your frame and the ground. Then compare that to floor jack heights. That way you won’t waste your time having to return it b/c it does’nt fit.

Take care brother.

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If you lowered your car, no jack is going to help you up front. For that,
you can do what I did:

Although I trimmed mine down to only the bottom two layers. 4" lift is
enough to get my jack down there and jack it up from the front.

Hey guys,

For anyone interested, I can get you another 10% off lowest marked price at Canadian Tire…on anything in the store.

Just thought I’d offer my services to fellow 240sx’ers… I’m in the Oakvile area.

lol you had to post this right after i bought my gear wrenches today

lol you had to post this right after i bought my gear wrenches today[/quote]

Next time… :slight_smile: