Cannonball Record Falls

there is a new east coast to west coast record holder

Very cool story

heard about this… pretty serious

They were hauling… How did they not get stopped.

go figure they had the asian guy in the back seat working all the electronics

lol street racers have used the rear light kill switch for ages. I’m more shocked that an air craft didn’t pick up their speeding. All that gear and the NSA had no idea. :tinfoilhat:

Amazes me you can pull this off in the age of big brother.

I do like the added fuel cells. I can’t remember is Alex Roy used them.

i still think it would be sooo much better to use a smaller engine car with forced induction and then to add the gas tanks… the CL55 AMG has a NA V12 right?

a decent turbo’d 6 would extend the gas mileage by quite a bit… mind you there isnt much to improve on only 46 minutes of idle time on that run.

They needed a vehicle with air suspension to compensate for the added weight. I can’t think of any smaller motor cars with air suspension :gotme:

And no custom VWs, lol.

Averaging 100 mph you think they would have been out of boost enough for this to matter?

I wonder if the guys from Fast n Loud will try to beat this now?

coilovers and spring rates can overcomp for weight…

however, now that i think of it, just getting a heavily depreciated CL55, which it appears that they did, does seem to be the easier solution…

It’s weird they got this in the national news admitting breaking the law etc

Plus one. That was my thought “oh cool now they’re going to get arrested”

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yeah they didnt even make it out to be any sort of a crime in that article…

I doubt it but if they make a show about it I’ll watch because Richard is hilarious.

Considering on Bull Run’s TV show they weren’t allowed to go over the speed limit between challenge events I seriously doubt any network would pick it up though. They’re probably already telling Richard they’ll cancel Fast n’Loud if he and Dennis even try it.

With all those moon shine and pot growing shows maybe they will allow it?

There’s a far more detailed account on Jalopnik for anyone that’s interested.