Car Covers

Just picked up a '17 Stingray Z51 convertible and am looking to get a good cover for it while in my garage for the winter.

Lot of options out there so just need a recommendation of something good to keep it protected.

I’m not really a cover guy myself. The thickness of the dust correlates to the level that I’ve neglected the car, lol.

I will say though that you can save some money by getting a cover that’s made for inside use instead of outside use.

It will definitely be inside.

I just know I will be working on things around the car year round and want to protect it from scratches etc.

I have two Covercraft covers for my Miata, one is the Silverguard Plus for the days I have to leave the car outside of the garage and the other is the Satin Stretch that I keep on the car when it’s in the garage to keep it from getting dusty.

Did you contact the person I linked you?

This just sounds comfy.

Not yet. Only wants calls from 4pm to 8pm and with my work schedule I havent been able to reach out to them.