carfax request

ok… really checking out this car, if i go for it, im getting it for a steal… MUCH less than what they have it up on ebay for WITH a 4 yr unlimited mile warranty on everything… (depending on what i see in the fine print)

so basically im looking the car over on the pics before i head up to houston this weekend and i notice that the doors seem a lil off, mainly a larger gap than normal between the door and front fender, also a lil on the hood

the dealer swore the car was clean, no wrecks, and clean car fax… can someone verify this for me ?


and someone else look at the doors and body to see if im just seeing something… also, does the door seem a lil off whiteish as well??

(yes i know bout the wheel rash, saw it)

Due some research on the service contract company. It could be worth its weight in paper.
If dealers up here will not do work for that service contract company you will have to foot the bill and hope the warranty company reimburses you.

The very first post in this forum…

awesome… thanks… i saw that a while ago, but never needed one before, so i forogt

from what was stated to me, its 100 dollar deductable, and no matter whats wrong, i pay that… its supposed to be able to be taken to any ASE certified shop and theyll cover it

of course it seems too good to be true, so i want to get a copy of it and really go over it… if its legit, then its a damn good deal

Well you also want to check who insures it.
Also they say your supposed to be able to go to any shop, but if the shop has never heard of it, you are footing the bill and the company will have to reimburse you.

everything looks fine to me. I think all the gaps look right. I would research it as much as possible before your drive to texas though…