Need Advice

I found the car i want, but the car fax kindof worries me

car fax is here:

reproted frame damage, and colision . reported theft.

what do you guys think of this? i test drovge it today , and check it out . evreything was good.

well as long as u dont get it into another accident u should be fine lol , most of the time when u have to fix frame damage u are heating up the metal and making it weaker

did it get in an accident when it was stolen

no, it was happend by an old lady with the first owner. i guess teh old lady drove into it or something.

there are better cars out there

depends how much money you are saving by getting this one instead of a clean car. Really imo I stay away from cars with frame damage, depending on what shop did the work. If it was realigned by laser by a reputable shop I wouldnt be so concerned

would have to be getting it super cheap…

Run from it like hell, then throw a party that you didn’t spend all that money on a salvage car that you really REALLY don’t know about (ie: how bad it was smacked up).

Then find a new car.

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My only suggestion, would be to have a collision expert or someone look at the car. Providing the car was seeling at a great price, and it was a car I really wanted, I’d follow an experts advice over my own instincts.

I’m not sure what they charge to check cars out though…

you get what you pay for adam… im assuming it has a very low price tag

It’s a peformance model im getting for 19,400 with 26k milies on it. The frame seemed to be clean when i check it out and i broguht it up to 110 mph and it was soild the whole way. the frame damage was done to teh rear bumper suport. thats what the guy said. The thing that worries me is the theft. He also said he had it checked out at a shop and they said it was clean. but how good was teh shop ? not to sure…

Very hard choice here…

bring it to a reputable shop to have the frame checked on if anything, sounds a bit risky but if the price is right then go for it. tho if this is a car that u really are looking to have for a while and put a lot of money into then maybe its a good idea to get a clean one.

i say no

I would buy it if the price was 4 - 5g’s below book

Remember, you may want to resell it someday and you will have trouble selling it too. Anyone looks at the carfax and they will be suspicious. I’d get something else…

If you really want it… take it to a mechanic and have them look it over telling you if it’s worth it. but make sure that the value is quite a bit lower than blue book, because you may or may not have trouble selling it w. a carfax of frame dammage. The theft thing probably isn’t as big as that.


no, no, no.


go with what your gut tells you, not your wallet.

1/31/03 - Recovered after theft
7/31/03 - Accident w/frame damage repaired
10/21/03 - Frame inspection, more damage? Damage not fixed properly?
12/16/03 - Vehicle recovered after theft IN CALIFORNIA
4/22/04->10/25/04 - 4k put on as dealer vehicle

For the love of God run screaming from this car. I’ll give you a major headache for free if you really want one.

no to mention those cars are reaaaaaaaaaally slow. and sound horrible.

yea, i would run.

you said that there was this car, and that nice lexus IS300, that you were considering…

lexus w/o a doubt.