Cash raffle tickets for local fire hall. 1st prize $5k very few tix sold

Selling these for a smaller local fire hall. They have to sell about 170 to break even with prizes, food, and open bar.
Like mentioned admission will be for 2 people and will be all you can eat and open bar.
There will be a live band following the event (teaser) which is supposedly a good band and possibly they’re last gig together. As of this posting they had only sold about 130-140 tix so odds are going to be great for sure. 10+ total cash prizes + door too I believe.People on here have great luck on other raffles I’ve done lol
I have nothing to do with this Firehall but try and support them as it’s where I grew up and appreciate ALL firehalls after what happened with my Dad.
You don’t have to be present to win and I will be going and will let you know if you win. I have 7 tickets left of the batch I told them I would help sell for them.
I can take PayPal if that’s easy for you.

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Also, tickets are $50 and like said above good for two people.

Where and when is the event?

Sorry about that. Terrys corners fire hall and Saturday night starting at 6pm- late

No one? For a good cause and great odds