Chinasport Norinco Chinese SKS 7.62x39 preban BRAND NEW IN BOX NEVER SHOT!


I am sorry to post negitive coments in youre post but thats alot of money for an sks I just sold one like it for 250 and it was mint with factory detachable mags and I bought a russan the other day that takes ak mags for 300 you might wanna reconsider the price if you can

damn this place is turning into a gun coral

its not a problem ballz…its my fathers gun that is now in my possesion that he wants to sell as is with all of the extras that he has for it. there is no urgency to sell. as is stated in the original post, it is OBO.

its still laying around

The SKS is a great gun, A guy I know has one from the Vietnam War… was a little rough looking but it shot true!

i wish i could shoot it!

Nice SKS, looks to be in great shape, too bad I’m in the market for a M1 Carbine.


Ahh if you get an M1 im comming over and shooting it!

er wait you talking about an M1 Rifel or the smaller carbine?

Smaller Carbine, my dad has one but I’d like to get mine own. When we get some nicer weather you should come over and shoot some guns with us.

the weather is always nice enough to fire off a few rounds!!!

Would love to… how did you not inform me of this before… Whats the best way to let off some steam after working on your car? Shooting the parts that you took off and don’t want anymore!

the best way to relive steam is to shoot 1/2 empty propane tanks shits great just dont to the big ones holy shit i couldnt hear for a week

:rofl That would be awesome

Where the fuck would you do that. You must live in the middle of nowhere! :lol

i used to and where i go blow shit up still is in the middle of nowhere kinda ,i gotta watch it more now as people are startin to build around where shit happens

Go up to Lake Desolation and shoot shit. I did it last winter with a 12 gauge and a 30 odd 6.

i do it in mecanicville homey

My dad has a hunting camp up there.

tell him that he needs to pick up a brand new sks to hunt with up there!!!