Civic or Corolla

Posting up for a friend. He’s looking for a car, preferably Civic or Corolla but could be open to other options. Must be automatic. Looking to spend around $3000-$5000 (maybe a little more) for a solid car with no work needed. If anyone has something to offer, let me know. PM me with details if you’d like or post up here. Thanks!

2005 Civic EX Auto 135k? Black/Remote start/New brakes/All power/Good AC. Runs and drives good. My brother’s car. $4000 but there’s really not much flex in that price.

I (or my brother, it’s his car) can show the car if he wants to take a look. In the West Seneca/Elma area.

PM sent

Increased the budget a bit. Really looking for a Corolla/Civic, maybe a Prius.

Teach how to drive stick, I have the car for them at that point. :wink:

I know really, I tried convincing him but to no avail. Still looking, would like something by the end of the month.


there are a million on autotrader. Come on down south and pick one out. Take it home and keep it clean.