Classic Quotes

Sometimes, PITTspeed members say stuff that is ultra funny, witty, or downright cruel. This thread will be a running list of all-time great quotes. Here’s how it will work. When someone has something that they think is a great quote, submit it to a mod and we’ll vote on whether it will make the list. I’ll start it off with this one:

HaNnIBaL64-fuck em in the ass till they need a colostomy bag.
Darkstar-people like you make me wish i had a coat hanger and a time machine

anyone who quoted me please post, i’m in about 8 sigs. for example:

“fuck me from a roll”

“donkey power”

“some paint chipped off beth’s little black book and it said White Pages”

people like you make me wish i had a coat hanger and a time machine

who said that?

jackstand racer

alright fucktards. Don’t just post random quotes. I need a the quote and who said it. Actually I would prefer to have a link to the thread it was posted in, but the quote and who said it will suffice.

yours truly. :kekegay:

my sig!!!

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check my sigs

Originally Posted by WhiteHotCL
Joel…likes to piss on coke machines when he is drunk. (eeewww for jenn who got a coke out of it, not knowing that he pissed on the buttons)

OMG, i’m a legend!

that was some funny shit!

:rofl: where the hell did she say this??? :bowrofl:

in a post. on the interweb.

i’ll take the credit for that one, hehe