Classifieds idea

I was reading the FAQ about how you can sell/offer services occasionally etc… but if it becomes frequent, you gotta pay.

Anyways, another idea popped up for regular classifieds…

Some people might not like this, and it might not happen anyways…

But I was thinking of a way to sell crap, and make $ for the site, which I’m sure costs a shitload.


Quick idea :
Item selling price Charge for ad
$.01 - $24.99 - $1
$25 - $49.99 - $2
$50 - $99.99 - $5

And so on…

It’s not much… but I figure it all helps.

I personally wouldn’t mind it, but honesty doesn’t always work, so the only way I see to make it work, would be to pay a mod first, then the ad gets placed.

But it’s just an idea, don’t cut my balls off.

EDIT: Actually, items under $5 could be free…

Charging $1.00 to sell an item for $.50 looks retarded now that I see it… other than that, that’s my idea.

Too hard to maintain because of payment, etc… Good idea, though. Apprecaite the input.

Umm, what is this, ebay? No…

Appreciate the input…

There are other ways of generating money.


i dont think its that bad of an idea; with a little tweaking.
say for someone running a small business out of their garage or something. letting them post up their service/product in classifieds (no banner). as a side business said person may not generate enough loot to justify advertising costs, but i am all for supporting a local business trying to get off the ground.

bringing in money like this will help get is those bowling shirts or the bowling team.

Id considering selling myself out to raise money for the site :stuck_out_tongue:

no ones buying :slight_smile:

That was aparently a big problem on the other board… if you had more than 6 things to sell you have to be an advertiser/ (Not technically, but people would jump all over it and say… “Every day you sell stuff”

BTW - Kev… whats it cost to get you to do some dishes, and maybe make my bed?