Clutch line question

I want to have the dampener removed from the system but I don’t really want to bend the hard line from the master and connect it to the soft line. I was thinking I could add a shorter piece of hard line and bend the short piece to join to the soft line. Would this work???
Also, what size lines and connectors do I need to do this?

Also, what size of lines and connectors do I need to do this??

Just bend the hard line that is there already, give it a nice loop back to the softline and it will screw right in. Bend it slowly in sections until you get the desired bend and it will not break or give after years of use.
It is easy and free and works perfectly. Instead of adding sections of hardline and whatnot save your money and headaches, bend the hard line that is there and get yourself a stainless steel braided clutch line for that extra bit of firmness.

Spend like $60 and do what I did:

Working good so far this year; no problems yet :slight_smile:

Bend it.

^^ that’s good but bending is so much easier.

As long as you don’t kink the line, you’ll be fine.