Comparison: Good riding position vs bad riding position

I am neither a riding expert nor I invented the proper riding position. Just an observation based on riding materials I picked up along the way. Feel free to chime in.

Here is a good demo of what a bad riding position looks like and what a good riding position looks like, both rider with their camera mount at the tail.


Begins at 1 min mark:
> Lose body transition from one side to the other (observe how the lower body is completely detached from the bike during transition), in doing so completely unhinges his lower body and force his upper body to brace itself on the steering, interfering with hand controls and steering input.
> Overly exaggerated hang off (for the sake of knee dragging), entire lower body is off the seat and forces upper body to hold on the the steering (to prevent from falling off the bike) and in doing so automatically creates a crossed up riding position preventing the entire body from hanging off (his upper body never deviated from the centerline of the bike.)


> Braced lower body during transition enable lower body to hang off from side to side without ever bracing the upper body on the steering.
> One butt cheek off seat, lower body not too far from the tank and proper upper body hang off enables whole body weight to be support with outter thigh and inner knee, freeing hands from bearing weight for hand controls and steering.

man idk a thing about bikes but seeing that makes me want one even more cool post man

great post

that is some really bad riding position in the first vid, it looks like he’s trying to drag butt lol

“hips pointed towards the turn” is a good tip

There isn’t anything I can add to this post that has not already been said by the OP. BUT, I can add videos.

ha, I used to ride with that trackday org. It rly helps to sit on a stationary bike and hav the instructors critique your body position up close. Small tweaks make a big difference. Getting my weight off the seat was a big one for me.

My biggest problem is breaking WAY to early & leaning far enough off the bike.
SO constancy is an issue for me… I need money for private lessons who wants to donate?:excited

For me the “Knee to Knee” is the key, among other technique they taught at CSS which worked for me was “2 step”. I used to sit too far back when I hang off, which creates a problem with my upper body, but then I was corrected.

Look into TTD’s private lessons for something that is great value for riding techniques or CSS if you have the cash. I wanted to complete my CSS course, but just done have the funding for now. If you use you own bike it is not bad and if you don’t mind making a trip to NJMP; But if you have the cash having a go at their S1000RR school bike at the track proves to be a great experience.

I’ll have a motor like this Log.


MAN I wish, I was thinking about CSS when I had the money, but felt it better to invest in gear and such. I’d love to test ride the S1Krr. But, I know it would only fuel me more into picking one up… and I really can’t swing it without selling something.:’(

I haven’t checked into prices recently, but last I recall it was something like 600 bucks or so if you bring your own ride. I know they hit NJMP once or twice a year along. which the trip to jersey I make so much now I really don’t mind the ride at all. It’s just when I think about it a two day class is from CSS is around the 600 dollar range with my own ride. Vs absolute cycle at NJMP where they also give classes and such on riding for around 200 or 300 I could have my info wrong its been a while.