Compustar Alarm Install - Suggestions

I’m looking at getting a CompuStar CM-1000A, 1W900FM-A or TR500 alarm. The CM-1000A is $120 installed at Autoworx (Dufferin and Finch - never heard of Autoworx- have you?), the 1W900FM-A is $129 (without installation) at Number One Sound on College Street and the TR500 is $179 installed at Lockdown Security on Nugget Ave. Any opinions on these units?

My car is a 2002 Nissan Sentra and the only power anything it has is steering and brakes. No power windows, locks or power trunk release. So it’s not as though I’m cheap (which I am "D ), the car just needs a pretty LED that flashes and warns that it’ll make noise if F’d with as I’ve installed a few ‘toys’.

Or if you know of any other shop in Toronto/GTA that has been in the biz and has decent pricing, it would be appreciated. Not too far though, I live downtown T.O. at the lakefront and I’d have to be home before the street lights came on :stuck_out_tongue:

contact shawn at:

he installed my compustar alarm and he did a great job!!

I’ll try Shawn at Level 12 then. Thanks.

yeah shawn is an awsome guy and has awsome deals, i picked up my compustar off kijiji for 150 bucks and put it in myself, not bad tho remote start, 2 remotes, 2 way and all that jazz

i dident have power locks ither, i just got some princess auto power actuaters (like 20 bucks for 4) and gave em some love and they fit fine

Dubv 's option can be so helpful and you must go with that .