Cossey's Corner: Ask at your own risk.

Due to the first issue not being out yet, and us wanting to start working on the 2nd issue, we (I) are now accepting questions about cars and such in this thread for the paper. Ask anything you want, really. Of the questions posted, I shall choose a few that I would like to respond to in the paper. Keep in mind, you can be humiliated. If you ask a question I select, instead of your name or where you’re from like magazines do, I’ll use your username on the forum. Easy enough, eh? So ask away.

Do not expect me to respond to your questions in this thread, but if I do, it will NOT be posted in the paper for sure.

Oh great and mystical Cossey… What is the meaning of life?

ok ill bite cossey.

being as youve owned both a g35 and now the legacy gt, how would u classify the strengths of each and give an overall comparison between the 2, and what 1 comes out on top performance per dollar?

Since this is more of a specific question about me, I’ll answer that in here.

G35 Pros:
Baller. Admit it. It’s sexy, bitches love it.
Great low end power.
Overall fun car.
Decently quicker for a stock car with minimal mods.
Amazing powerband. Nissan knows streetability.

Practicality. Mostly as far as a daily driver.
Overall cost compared to the LGT.

LGT Pros:
Cost. Cheaper to afford, leaves me w/ more money. Insurance was about $400 cheaper per 2 months.
Fun to drive.
Very good mid range-high end. Power really comes on hard at around 3k and pulls til around 5300.
Practicality. AWD, four doors.
Better aftermarket for performance parts, and still relatively inexpensive.

Minimal aesthetic mods available.
Lug pattern was the same as 04 STi’s. Meaning stupid.
Laggy. Believe it or not, but the stock VF40 is only a little smaller than the VF39 of the STi, but the heads don’t flow nearly as well. This creates lag.
Not baller. Hoes think it’s a Camry with a hood scoop. Fuckin’ skanks.

if you truly want to produce a magazine you should do a full comparison writeup with your experiences in it… just a suggestion.

i want to hear what cosseys opinion is between N/A turbo or SC is

It must be in the form of a question in order to answer it.

Please explain the history of VTEC?


what is you opinion is between N/A /turbo /SC ???

Dear Cossums,
I’m considering forced induction for my Spec V. There are both turbo and supercharger options for my car, and I have reached an impass. What would you suggest? While a turbo is nice for high end power, I really don’t feel like dealing with lag, and comparable psi between turbo and supercharger, the supercharger produces more hp. However, I’d have to deal with parastic loss due with the SC, even though the power would be there from the get go. What’s your opinion based on this?

              Your Friendly Neighborhood Akira

This thread is not for debate. This is for asking questions.

cossey, what is the meaning of life?

well, i mean besides:

Explain to me why compasses work?

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Forza 3 isn’t in development yet =).

I shall accept all challenges for Forza 2. Get ready to meet your maker.


A more serious question:

After being a long time critic of eBay parts and then recently purchasing your new cat-back exhaust system off of eBay has the experience changed your mind at all? Please explain.

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Cossey, why must the Subaru move soo slowly??