CRX Info...

…looking to get CRX info. for a friend. What were the major differences over the years? What are good/bad years? Common trouble points etc? Thanks!


Crap… that involves me like searching, and reading more. That’s like, errr, work or something. Doesn’t somebody just have all the answers for a lazy guy? :smiley:


I don’t have all the answers, but since your being a lazy bastard lol. I assume we are talking about the 2nd generation CRX’s? Cuz thats all I really know about haha. Here is a fast rundown.

Model wise, HF’s were the lightest. Year wise any 88’s will be lighter than any of the 89-91 model years. In 90-91 they moved the seatbelts do the doors which added alot of weight to the car. I forget what year, but somewhere between 90-91 the Si models picked up rear disc brakes. The 88-89’s have a few cosmetic differences (bumpers, interior setup, tail lights etc) than the 90-91’s. If your looking for a swap, a HF and Si are already setup for MPFI. Where as the regular model has DPFI and will need a little extra wiring work for make a swap happen. Si’s have sunroofs, nicer seats, little better suspension setup. HF’s are stripped down, but make good project cars for that reason. Watch the 88’s, they have a different rear control arm setup that if your going to change the shocks on you’ll have to update to the 89-91 rear control arms. Rust…eh…its a Honda lol. The D-series motors in them (SOHC) are pretty damn good, not the fastest things ever but they do last. Bunches of other little details I could probably think of, but that should take care of things for now!

good shit^ the si’s have front and rear swaybars, 107 hp 1.6l dxs have a 92 hp 1.5l dpfi, hfs have like 62 hp hf stands for high fuel.
1988 Honda CRX Si MT 2017
1988 Honda CRX DX MT 1922
1988 Honda CRX HF MT 1819
1989 Honda CRX Si MT 2138
1989 Honda CRX DX MT 2048
1989 Honda CRX HF MT 1834
1990 Honda CRX Si MT 2174
1990 Honda CRX DX MT 2103
1990 Honda CRX HF MT 1967
1991 Honda CRX DX MT 2103
1991 Honda CRX HF MT 1967
1991 Honda CRX Si MT 2174

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Thanks guys! I checked out the link some and it was very helpful too. I’m still in search of my clean, unmolested '89-91 Civic Si but my buddy has his heart set on a CRX. Hell, I guess a CRX HF wouldn’t be a bad commute car for me w/ mid 40 MPG. LoL


No auto cross? 1st gens if you can find them clean enough are monsters ont he autocross coarse.

Any year 2nd gen is fine, the HFs def get rediculas milage. Had friends with them that got retarded millage. Said 2nd gear wound out to about 80 LOL

A kid around here autox’d a HF once. It ran the entire course in first gear, and he said it only needed two gears to clear the quarter mile haha. But I’ve heard all kinds of weird stories behind the HF’s. Thinner window glass to save weight, either the body or just the fenders were constructed from a slightly thinner gauge of metal, I think they lacked some sound deading, etc. But yea either way, they could pull like 40+mpg back in the late 80’s.

Eh, this isn’t for me. I still want a 89-91 Si for a DD/Autox on occasion car. Though a CRX doesn’t sound bad either. If I ever buy a CRX it’d get AXed for sure, even if it is “just” a HF.