Current car thread

It was a nice sunny day in Detroit so moved a few rigs around and cleaned up the barn.

@JayS twin vert :wink:


Like Davito and Schwarzenegger twins!



Have to rely on old stolen pics, because I almost never take pics, much less pose my cars. As of last fall I don’t own this anyways…

Pinto conversion kit:

I got more vids than pics tho:


Current stable, will be getting rid of the M235 for a X3M Comp this spring.


Man I’m boring. I still have the same vehicles that I had 7 years ago, lol. I’ve had the Z since the dawn of time.

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wait, where is the viper!!!

That was just the cars I pulled out lol.
97 Viper GTS
97 C5 Vette
11 C6 Vette
65 El Camino
97 BMW M3
98 Sebring
94 Roadmaster
06 Grand Marquis (My daily if I’m not in a company car)
22 Silverado (Wife’s daily)




The C6 I think I’ve seen at a cars and coffee before. Massive Centrifugal SC or Turbo if I recall correctly.

Yeah it’s got a f1a94. She scoots.

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Nice, I’m pretty sure my buddy Matt (has my old black 1995 Dinan stage 3 M3 coupe) sent me videos of your vette.

Mine is a 427LSX with F1-X, sounds like similar set ups.

Mine is still a ls7 but with 4.1 crank and 4.130 bore. Stock rods. Pistons only. Made just shy of 1100@19psi/19° with my baby tsp cam and 1-7/8 headers. I got ARH race 2-1/8 on the shelf and waiting for my Steve Morris custom cam.


Bought my wife’s 20 acadia out at the end of the lease and driving a company car 23 Colorado as my daily. Nothing exciting. I try to borrow a fun company car to get my kicks for free every once and a while.

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i dont really take pics of my cars anymore… M2 and M3 are mine. M4 is my brother’s that i was baby sitting in the summer. not taking pics of the wife’s van or Ford Edge.


How is the M2? I was looking at a CPO M2 last year, trying to decide if I want to be zero car payment for a while or jump into something new.

it’s a 2020 M2C. it’s great.

i dont think you can really buy anything like it in warranty right now for anywhere near the price.

They could have charged $20k more for it and it would still be great.

It comes in below a Porsche but honestly, i need a usable back seat for my kiddos so no Porsche for me.

However, the E90 M3 sedan with the supercharger and stoptech trophy kit and dinan suspension is even better imho… but it’s a serious hassle keeping it reliable this far out of warranty.

We’ve got a few since we got our new house in '17.

2015 Z/28

1973 Mach 1

1979 Y84 Trans Am

1986 IROC-Z

1980 Z28 getting a full resto (it’s in its own bay to the left of the other cars.)

My new daily '23 Silverado with the 6.2